Sunroof and Moonroofs

Sprinter Service Pros provides the best Sunroof and Moonroofs service for your Mercedes Metris, RAM ProMaster and Ford Transit. With fair pricing and friendly staff, we aim to provide the utmost in maintenance services.


Remove And Repair

Sprinter Service Pros, based in Portland, Oregon, excels in providing high-quality sunroof and moonroof repair and maintenance services for a wide variety of vans, including Sprinter vans, Mercedes Metris, RAM ProMaster, and Ford Transit vans. With a team of highly skilled technicians and the latest diagnostic tools at their disposal, they ensure the optimal functioning of these specialized features. From routine maintenance checks to complex repairs, they work to enhance the durability, functionality, and safety of sunroofs and moonroofs, thus enriching the driving experience.

Their sunroof and moonroof services encompass a broad range of tasks. Regular maintenance often involves inspecting the glass for any damage, checking the seals for leaks, ensuring the smooth operation of the mechanical components, and verifying the functionality of the drainage system. When it comes to repairs, they can handle everything from replacing worn seals and fixing leaks to more complex tasks like repairing mechanical issues or damaged glass. Given the unique specifications and features of Sprinter vans, Mercedes Metris, RAM ProMaster, and Ford Transit vans, their services are custom-tailored to each specific vehicle model to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Customer service is a cornerstone of Sprinter Service Pros' operations. They believe in transparent communication, keeping their clients fully informed about the condition of their sunroof or moonroof, the necessary repairs or maintenance tasks, and associated costs. Their commitment to providing fast, reliable service helps reduce vehicle downtime and ensures their clients are back on the road as soon as possible. By offering comprehensive sunroof and moonroof repair and maintenance services, Sprinter Service Pros has established itself as a trusted partner for van owners in Portland, Oregon, ensuring that every vehicle they service is in prime operating condition.

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